Recently we have been barraged by seemingly endless accusations of sexual misconduct among public personalities. These stories are usually accompanied by shock and outrage even though most of the accused persons had a reputation for the behavior they have proven to exhibit.

Personally, I am not surprised by any of this. The Bible is very clear about the fact that people are sinners. In fact, the Bible warns against sexual immorality more than 15 times, mostly in the New Testament. God repeats these warnings because he knows the nature of man and our predisposition towards this kind of activity. At the same time our culture has become more and more permissive when you consider how people dress and what is on television (even commercials!). There is so much temptation, human weakness can’t withstand this assault.

However, the world looks at things from a different point of view. Most people say that humans are generally good, not evil. Consequently, they are surprised when permissiveness results in bad acts.

The solution that leftists chose to solve this problemm was to socially engineer distinct maleness out of American culture.

We have seen the women’s rights movement, accompanied by the sexual revolution. Subsequently, supposedly scientific studies attempt to minimize the differences between men and women. Here is an example of one from the American Psychological Association (http://www.apa.org/research/action/difference.aspx):

Mars-Venus sex differences appear to be as mythical as the Man in the Moon. A 2005 analysis of 46 meta-analyses that were conducted during the last two decades of the 20th century underscores that men and women are basically alike in terms of personality, cognitive ability and leadership. Psychologist Janet Shibley Hyde, PhD, of the University of Wisconsin in Madison, discovered that males and females from childhood to adulthood are more alike than different on most psychological variables, resulting in what she calls a gender similarities hypothesis. Using meta-analytical techniques that revolutionized the study of gender differences starting in the 1980s, she analyzed how prior research assessed the impact of gender on many psychological traits and abilities, including cognitive abilities, verbal and nonverbal communication, aggression, leadership, self-esteem, moral reasoning and motor behaviors.

At the same time, traditionally male characteristics in mainstream culture are mocked and ridiculed. Watch any commercial or TV show that portrays a dad, and you will witness adolescent, moronic, out of touch behavior. To test this, imagine the role of the father and mother, such as Homer and Marge Simpson, switched in these situations and ask yourself if it would be a sexist representation of a woman.

Certain behaviors that were once frowned upon in men, such as crying, oversensitivity, and talking about feelings are glorified in our culture. In the 90’s the politically correct culture took off, which forced men to bury some of their natural behaviors when interacting on a daily basis.

With all these social changes being implemented, the intention was that “bad” male behavior would be eradicated. Unfortunately, the heart of man did not change. At the same time, our culture has become more and more permissive. The negative behaviors being discouraged were in fact occurring with greater frequency, but being driven underground. Now we have a revelation that $50M of taxpayer money has been used to cover up sexual scandals among Congressmen.

These episodes of sexual deviancy expose once again the fatal flaw of leftist philosophy. Time and again they spend capital on engineering human behavior and every time it is proven that human nature can’t be denied or changed. If we examine history we find that people crave liberty and consistently act in their own economic best interest. Efforts by centralized economies and governments to control behavior have been futile. The last two centuries are littered with Socialist/Communist regimes that prove that “the human heart is desperately wicked.”