About a month ago our family visited the Creation Museum located in northern Kentucky just outside Cincinnati, Ohio.  To be honest I wasn’t certain what to expect, however, it did not take long for the tone to be set.  One of the first exhibits was an explanation that the predisposition that people have, based on their belief, biases how those people use the facts they obtain.  In other words, someone who believes in evolution will evaluate a fossil and it’s surroundings and come to a completely different conclusion than someone who believes in the Biblical account of history. 

The founders of the museum are not shy about the fact that they are interpreting artifacts and science based on their Christian beliefs.  The exhibits walk us through history as it is told in the Bible, assuming it is true, and make educated guesses about how those events happened.  What I found particularly interesting was the explanation about how the flood occurred, which incorporated much about what has been hypothesized on tectonic plate movement.  The difference is they maintain this all happened in a very short time.  These assertions are not free of problems, especially considering that tectonic plate theory is not universally accepted as true in any context.

Another major observation is that there are many wonderful archaeological exhibits, but there are even more artistically created scenes from the Bible that use skillfully produced wax models.  This gives the museum a less scientific feel than artistic one, but that should not minimize the great scientific displays, such as the massive insect collection.  At the end of the day, this museum is a exhibition of the Bible and even ends with gospel presentation.

Overall the experience was very enjoyable.  In addition to the exhibits, there are film presentations that are well produced, a planetarium, and a wonderful gift shop.  I would recommend this museum to anyone, whether a believer or not.