I have lately been reading and commenting in blogs written by atheists for atheists.  One assertion I am tired of hearing is how one has to ignore science in order to be a Christian.  As an engineer who has had training in physical sciences and the scientific method, I find this assertion to be an insult.  In fact, when you impartially consider evidence put forward to support many popular “scientific facts”, you quickly realize that the evidence is flimsy and defending such things like evolution, global warming, and the big bang theory take an impressive leap of faith.

Consider the theory of evolution. Microevolution is undeniable.  There are countless documented instances of species, such as bacteria, that undergo changes through the process of natural selection or genetic drift.  The problem has been the tendency to take this evidence and extrapolate it to provide evidence for the creation of all species over millions and millions and millions and millions of years.

While it is true that a species could experience enough microevolution over a period of time to actually emerge as a new species, the physical evidence that all species evolved from the same starting point in this manner is unconvincing.  There is an embarrassing lack of transitional fossils to support a theory of gradual evolution.  In fact, many evolutionists, including famous evolutionist Stephen Jay Gould, expressed consternation at the fact that the fossil record actually shows abrupt transitions and not gradual ones.  The “Cambrian explosion” is the most stark example of this.  Also, dating techniques have been demonstrated to be notoriously unreliable beyond a certain distance in time.

There are other problems with the theory.  If the Earth had been created millions of years ago, extrapolating the changes in rotational speed and magnetic field of the earth takes us to a point in time in the past where the planet could not exist.  Also, it seems incredible to me that a cell, which in most textbooks consists of 13 components, each with a specific function to help the cell survive, could be randomly created in a pool of dirty water with no external inputs.  In fact, this has been attempted unsuccessfully in laboratories on numerous occasions.

There are many books written that go into details on the topics I gloss over briefly above.  This is not a forum in which I intend to lay out the evidence point by point.  Suffice it to say I have studied enough evidence to convince me evolutionary theory is fiction.

At this point you may be expecting me to convince you to abandon evolutionary thought and face the facts that God created the world in six days.  Frankly, I don’t have the evidence to prove that.  The evidence does favor a young Earth with species that arrive on the scene abruptly, but it is not God’s way to reveal our origins to us with undeniable scientific certainty.  When you study the life of Abraham, you see that he did not follow God until he was 75 years old.  In fact, his family were pagans, but somehow Abraham discerned God’s presence, perhaps through His creation, perhaps in some other way.  Gradually his faith in God grew (after many trials and mistakes) to the point where he was willing to sacrifice his only son to the Lord.  While scientific reason could conceivable lead a man like Abraham in God’s direction,  It was God working through the circumstances of Abraham’s life that caused his faith to grow.

What I am trying to say is you will not find convincing evidence of God’s existence in the study of science.  What you might find are hints and clues of the existence of this higher power.  My prayer is that when you find these clues they will stir in you a desire to understand who God is and ultimately a desire to respond to Him by accepting Him into your life.